Directory of Medicinal and Computational Chemistry scientists's Resumes and CVs on the Web

The largest database of resumes is the web itself. This is a free searchable directory into Medicinal and Computational Chemistry resumes that are available on the internet. The resumes are carefully indexed based on the candidate's experience, geographical preferences, and citizenship. We invite job seekers to submit your resume or create a link to it. We invite hiring managers to post your job or create a link to it. We email out job postings to registered candidates.

It's Free!

It is free to post your resume or job. It is free to search through the resumes and click over to them. It is free to post and email your job to the candidates. How do I make my money? Well this website gives me tremendous credibility with everyone I deal with. These 40 specialty resume directories and about 40,000 candida;tes are my portfolio. Hire me!

It is spam free!

If you post your resume on the web, you are subject to huge spam. If you post your resume here, you can choose to receive or not receive emails. You can filter email job announcements based on whether you want to see jobs from employers or recruiters, full time or contract, and your geographical preferences. The manager's spam filter only allows people with the right citizenship to apply. To enable the spam filter post your email address in the application, but not on the resume, nor in the job description.

Better than Google

Google says they want to "organize the world's information", but they do not do such a good job organizing the world's resumes. A Google search for a resume does not tell you where the person is willing to live and work. Google search also does not tell you their years of experience with this technology, and what their citizenship or work visa status is.